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A favourite Westside coastal walk and frogs at Da Gairdins, Shetland

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

Three weeks ago, we set out for one of our favourite walks - near West Burrafirth on the Westside. The coastline and landscape here are both special: lots of small freshwater lochs just inland and beautiful coastal scenery. There was an occasional wintry shower, but it was really sunny (and almost warm) in between. From the cairn at Neean's Neap you can look north across St Magnus Bay to the cliffs of Eshaness, north east to Muckle Roe and Vementry, east to central Shetland and the row of hills known as the Kames, whilst west the Island of Papa Stour and Sandness Hill complete the vista. The Neap cliffs are about 90m high and local folklore says a cave near the cliff top was the hide-out of 'Da Tief o da Neean' – a notorious sheep-thief who ended his days in a Scalloway prison cell.⁣ I love the cairn covered in lichen.

We then visited Da Gairdins - woodlands and nature gardens planted since 1997. It is really well established now and a fantastic place to stroll. The sunshine ensured there were several families visiting, all captivated by the frogs. Being really quiet, you could hear their croaks. All the trees and bushes were in bud or starting to sprout and with the occassional clump of daffodils - it really felt like spring had arrived.

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