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Shetland day out - coastal walk, great coffee, leucistic starling and an art exhibition

Yesterday we headed to the South Mainland and walked the coastal path around Noness, Sandwick. Sunshine and occasional showers meant the light was ever-changing and there were great views up and down the coast.

We visited the remains of the broch (Iron-Age stone tower about 2000 years old) at Burland with great views across to the island of Mousa, which has the world's best preserved broch still standing over 13m tall. Nature's highlights during the walk included the lichen (always amazing in Shetland) and a leucistic (albino) starling (first I'd ever seen, but not a great photo I'll admit).

After the 6 mile walk, Mackenzie's farm shop and cafe was a perfect stop for great coffee, before heading to the old Anderson High School in Lerwick to see the art and natural history exhibition 'Natural Selection', by Andy and Peter Holden

The installation of porcelain replicas of an illegal egg collection was amazing - sad to think the original eggs were stolen from nature, but stunning in the detail of the reproductions.

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